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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Song vs. Tang Politics Economics Social Geography Intellectual/ Arts Commercial expansionMerchants and sailors increasingly carried trade overseas in junksGrowing sophistication in commercial organization and forms of credit Merchants had low status Introduction of paper money Urban growth Higher crop yields (better agricultural techniques) Neo-Confucianism enforced strict class, age, and gender distinctionsPosition of women deteriorated in late Song dynastyWomen subordinate to men, but some wealthy urban women had some independenceNeo-Confucianism worsened position of women (footbinding = only homemaker and mother) Decline in importance of Buddhism, although still large followingConfucianism became central ideology Rise of Neo-Confucianism Confucianism was the main religion, but Buddhism became increasingly popular. Rise of Neo-Confucianism (traditional, less receptive to outside influences)Major technological and scientific discoveries, though fewer than Tang (abacus, movable type, paper money) Art dominated by Daoist and Confucian stylesKnown for landscape paintingsArchitecture emphasized harmony with nature (pagoda) Famous for their poetry. Invented Gun Powder. The scholar-gentry elite wrote short storiesartists, poets, etc. were highly trained elites Smaller empire than TangPressure from nomads in the north Conquered central Asia- up to present day Afghanistan. Extended to Tibet in the West,Red River in the South, and Manchuria in the North. Conquered Korea Religion Though subordinateto menwomen's position improved.Aristocracy declined.Cities were centers of entertainment (parks, opera's,and tea houses). Rebuilt and expanded the imperial bureaucracy.Revived the scholar-gentry elite. Diminishing the power of the aristocracy.State officials were educated in Confucian Classics.An examination system was administered. Leaders showed weakness against nomadic peoples of the north (treaties, tribute)Politically and militarily weaker than TangLarger Confucian scholar-gentry with higher pay & more power than aristocratic and Buddhist rivalsExpanded civil service exam system Overthrown by Mongols Expanded trade with their "Junks" in the Indian Ocean.Merchants became dominant in trad but were disrespected. Rivers and man-made canals made trade and farming easier double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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