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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Congratulation s! You have got into THE Scholars' Academy (Which is a pretty BIG DEAL) Social Tips 1. Don't be afraid if you end up in a class your friend isn't with or if your the only student from your school! Their are plenty of scholars just like you, go up to the first person you see compliment something you like about them or talk about something your interested in. Don't like them? It's fine! There are going to be tons of different types of people so kids walk up to another and start again. 2. DON'T EVER TELL ANYONE YOUR DEEPEST SECRETS! Unless you are certain that person is reliable don't ever tell someone your secrets. Get close to them, ex: planing dates to hang out, social media(Kik, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc.). 3. Avoid rumors, gossip and misunderstandings in any way. 4. Dating. Your in 6th grade. Please remember that. If your doing this to try it out or if you're actually serious, sure go ahead. I'm not going to hold you back. But be warned, there will be drama and rumors. Prepare for EVERYTHING. Basics 1. You have the same schedules as your classmates, except for electives. Which you all have at different classes but at the same time. 2. During recess, you could go to the library using a library pass. The monitors will be there to help you. 3. There are public school buses, private buses and the metro buses and trains. 4. Remember to use your planner for organization and reminders, and do a daily check on pupil path for grades, messages, and events. 5. Breakfast is free, but if you go outside to play in the yard you might miss your chance to eat breakfast. You also have access to the Internet Cafe during breakfast and lunch. The G.O store is open only during lunch. Social Tips
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