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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Spectrecom 603 Posh Gecko 307Cambridge Filmworks 85 Adjust your set 42 Somersault 22 Bounce Rate 38.90% Daily Pageviews per Visitor 1.70Daily Time on Site 2:28 Blog posts: The Role Of Video In Your Marketing StrategyJob openings: Super talented Camera Operator /EditorAwards: Business Awards tonight! Work: Over 215k views in 3 weeks for our Ferrari 458 SpecialeThought Leadership: Following Social trends: Christmas ads MnS + John lewis, Reporting stats/ insights: Digital video viewing increased by 80% in 35-49 yr olds, Content marketing produces 3 times more leads per $, 63% of display ads are deemed unviewable CamFilmWorks is a firm favourite with National Horseracing Museum - Cambridge Network, .CamFilmWorks works celebrates the life of Tony BennOther trends: Make it wearable - the creators project. Inovations in technologyRegular features on the cambridge networknews Owned Content: A beautifully filmic new university showcase, shot on location by us./ Have you seen our 'Excellence withImpact' series. Job postings: We are looking for a Producer! Very few thought leadership posts or Content Marketing. SOMERSAULTCOMPETITOR ANALYSIS TWEETS Bounce Rate: 33.30% Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 2.10Daily Time on Site: 1:49 SEO - ESTIMATES ON ALEXA Bounce Rate: 76.30% Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 1.30 Daily Time on Site: 1:24 S CIAL MEDIA Subscribers, Likes and Followers "Cutting edge films for cutting edge clients." "Award winning video production" "Brave, imaginative insightful films." Award winning communications agency that is entirely dedicated to video" Job Posts: Recruiting marketing managerYoutube music subscriptionAwards: Drum AwardsTrends: John lewis christmas ad,Projects work: Cambridge Sports CentreNot much thought leadership content but reposting interesting case studies e.g. honda PROPOSITION and SERVICES LATEST NEWS Focuses on how big brands can learn from start ups "hacker mind set" approaching problems differently by breaking the pre digital marketing structure/rules and rebuilding them to fill the digital marketing gap. Examples they provided include - Oreo's "twist, lick dunk" game that reached number 1 in US app store the real time marketing trick 2013. Unilever Foundry and Unilver Ventures Incubation business partnering with start ups and restructuring the cross divsins of media, creative, TV and Digital. Spectrecom getting carried away with owned content and not much else Cambridge Filmworks Won the Horse! Posh Gecko - The Role Of Video In Your Marketing Strategy Adjust your set 3,140 Spectrecom 1,706 Posh Gecko 1,070 Somersault 518 Cambridge Filmworks 111 Digital Marketing StatsAwardsProjects completedJob postingsRelevant Spectrecom 515 Posh Gecko 160Cambridge Filmworks 72 Adjust your set 110 Somersault No Page AdjustYourSet - Post on "The Hacker Mindset" Predominantly filming of recent projects they havecompleted, Less on thought leadership. Posts include Glasgow university's video, Balfour Beatty London Youth Games, a series for Newcastle university and for the law firm Withersworldwide. Cambridge Filmworks has teamed up with The National Horseracing Museum in Newmarket to produce the first of three films documenting thecentre's journey as it moves from the Old Subscription Rooms of the Jockey Club in the town centre to their spectacular new five-acre site at Palace House, Charles II's original Racing Palace. Quite a basic blog post but a thought leadership postnonetheless providing an Infographic of key stats explainingwhy video is a powerful marketing tool. (ironic as they are providing a written article to explain that video is the best communication tool. "A Full-Service Digital Content Agency Designed For Next Generation Marketing" EXAMPLES OF CLIENTS 1. Strategy2. Implementation3. Technology Data4. Distribution 1. Concept Development2. Video Production3. Script Writing3. Music and VO4.Motion Graphics and Animation 1. Creative Campaigns2.Production Services3. Our Film Studios 4. Video Advertising 1. Creative Video Solutions2.Pre-Production Planning3. Filming and Cinematography4. Post Production, editing and Animation5. Online distribution, Video Strategies and Broadcasting. 1. Research and Strategy2. Video Production3. Activation (Based on 3 Months) Keyword 1. somersault 2. how to write a brief 3. somersault productions 4. sommersault Percent of Search Traffic80.14%5.19%2.29%2.19% Bounce Rate 54.50%Daily Pageviews per Visitor 1.90 Daily Time on Site 1:38 AdjustYourSet Spectrecom Somersault Posh Geko Keyword 1. google plus demographics 2. shoppable 3. adjust 4. google demographics 2014 5. youtube custom gadget Top Keywords from Search Engine Keyword 1. spectrecom 2. marketing agencies london 3. creative ad film agency 4. waterloo studios 5. production agency Percent of Search Traffic56.19%13.14%5.77%3.94%2.45% Percent of Search Traffic80.70%6.46%4.02%3.85%1.54% Keyword 1. gecko 2. posh looking websites 3. cityfibre 4. posh 5. gekco Percent of Search Traffic20.42%8.90%8.24%5.86%5.33% Spectrecom has the greatest variety in the top keyword traffic followed by Adjust your setSpectrecom also has the lowest estimated bounce rate and longest daily page views. Somersault has the longest estimated daily time spent on the site. OVERVIEW AdjustYourSet Spectrecom Somersault Posh Geko Cambridge FilmWorks Main Content of Tweets
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