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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Biologically, LSP builds new neural networks capable of handling this and similarly new complexity. Socially, LSP helps employees prepare for unanticipatedinteractions by fine tuning coping skillsand refining social competencies.Developmentally, LSP helps test capabilities, rehearse, and hone strategic thinking and decision-making skills. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Engagement is a communication and problem solving approachthat helps high-performance teams optimize: The Engagement Solution QUICK facts Communication Creativity The Communication Solution The Creativity Solution Meetings need to help employees discover and unlocknew knowledge. Team members build and talk about LEGO models as a way to get ideas and points of view out of their heads and onto the table so they can be safely shared and objectivelydiscussed by the team. LP120114 Fast growing, complex organizations take on emergentproperties at a rapid pace. Managers and employees cannot simply collect new information in an inactive manner. Faced with the combination of large amounts of data and highly specialized areas of focus, our brains are wired to look forpatterns of organization. We like patternssometimes too much. This can result in lack of creative problem solving, few new ideas, and sometimes create high-risk situations. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) meetings result in 100% participation 100% of the time where employees are contributing 100% of their value. This is possible when meeting attendees are highly focused on a set of tasks that require both of their hands and, consequently, both sides of their brain. A host of reasons contribute to what is commonly known as "20/80 meetings" where 20% of attendees contribute 80% of the discussion. The ideas and voices of the majoritygo unheard while they remain silent and otherwise engaged with their devices.
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