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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Solutions to Health Problems in Palestine Checkpoints prevent Palestinians from easily accessing jobs. Theserestrictions should be removed to allow efficiency in accessing jobs.The destroying of farms in Gaza and the West Bank along with the compromised fishing industry have left cause unemployment inPalestine to increase. MEDICAL PERSONALE PER CIVILIANS International Aid Problem: Food Insecurity Problem: Health Care Jobs and Unemployment Unemployment: Israel and Palestine Palestine receives $1.8 billion in international assistance and $47 million from the U.S. for the crisis in Gaza. Israel receives aid from 400 NGOS with 13,000,000 pounds of food each year and $3.1 billion in international assistance. SOLUTION: Well rounded international aid. Palestine has a greater population with more growth. 0.22 doctors per 1000 people 1.9 nurses per 1000 people 1.76 doctorsper 1000 people 4.8 nurses per 1000 people Palestine Israel Doctors beyond bordersRebuild health infrasctructure such as hospitals Spending Per Capita United States Palestine Israel $8,895 $2,046 (7.7 percent of GDP) $248 (16 percent of GDP) Infrastructure should be build to increase job availability.This will boost the economy and allow for more health carespending on Palestinian Citizens SOLUTION: why does Palestinereceive less aid despite having a greater need? SOLUTION
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