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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Charlie changed throughout the battles. In the book a Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen he describes the experiences that the main character Charlie faces in his first battle. He watches everything around him. Thinking every touch is a bullet. Scared to death he lays on the ground hoping to be safer. He still hears the same sounds, but is being blocked by the people in front of him. Somehow that's worse because he sees death before his eyes, he sees two bullets collide together in mid air. When something tugs on his legs trying to get his attention, he looks down and saw Lieutenant Olafson, his officer shot, telling him he needs to get up no matter how scary it is, he needs to move towards the trees. He slowly gets up and runs, he keeps on running until he reaches the trees. This battle has a sense of description, the author describes every feeling, every touch, and every sound, so it feels as if youre there too. This is Charlies first battle, he thought he would love war and he was super excited to join, but now that he actually has joined his mind has changed. In the second battle chapter six, Town Life, in the book A Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen I think the text structure would be chronological because it goes in order of time periods and battles happening. In this battle the main character Charlie lost all hope in winning this battle. He soon comes across a boy named Nelson who was shot. The rule is not to stop for the wounded no matter who he is, but Charlie stopped. He sat with him, he gave him water and tried to help him. When Charlie had to leave, he asked if Nelson wanted him to stay, but he didnt. So he got up and kept walking. After a couple feet of walking, Charlie heard a shot. He didnt look back, he kept walking. I think the shot was Nelson. I think Nelson shot himself. Charlie has faced many battles, and his thoughts about war have changed a lot because of that. In the battle of Gettysburg chapter 9 in the book Soldiers Heart by Gary Paulsen, the main character Charlie can see everything around him, hes standing at the top of a sloping hill, he can see the entire Southern army getting ready to attack. The weather was warm as Charlie checks his rifle that he had taken from another dead soldier. He knew he had to get ready for the attack, he could see the the other army in the forests with their cannon. When they started to fire Charlie could see everything fly over his head. Theyd shoot, hit, and men would fall. When Charlies army began to shoot, their sergeants yelled Ready to fire! Shoot low! Shoot low take their legs out. Present, aim, fire!” and Charlie did, not knowing or caring if or what he hit. Charlie stood in the middle screaming and jabbing until he was hit once, now twice, and then dead. You can see that this battle really changed a lot, he thought he died, but in the next chapter all that died was his ability to be focused and together, but instead he's broken.
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