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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Soil Health FARM-LEVEL Healthy soils regulate carbon, oxygen and plant nutrients that affect production and climate fertilizers Soil with organicmatter Current status of soil degradation minimum tillage lesserosion Conserves production costs 1st 2-years CA in maize-wheat cropping systemsshowed = yieldas conventional tillage 38,000 liters ofavailable soil waterper hectare CO2 crop rotations soil surface cover labor savings After 2-years, CA in maize-wheatcropping systems showed MUCH higher yields. Yield gains in maize-only-cultivation occurred after 5 years under CA management. CA in South Asia 5 - 18%CA in Mozambique13 - 33%CA in Ethiopia9 - 35%CA + Hybrid Seed 26 - 137% yields degraded soils = losses 2 - 3x Conservation Agriculture (CA) NATIONAL-REGIONAL LEVEL 46% 46% 71% Sources: CIMMYT Bruno Gerard Sustainable Intensification of Maize and Wheat Systems External Review (2014).CIMMYT Mulugetta Meduria, et al., "Sustainable Intensification of Maize-Legume Based Systems" SIMLESA (2014).CIMMYT M.L. Jat, R.K. Jat, et al, Conservation Agriculture-Based Management Practices for Sustainable Maize Systems: Lessons from South Asia (2014) CIMMYT Bram Govaerts et al., Conservation Agriculture and Soil Sequestration--between myth and reality FAO State of Land and Water (SOLAW) 2013 toxiccontamination of surface water and groundwater BENEFITS 1-2x
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