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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Socratic Question Types Probing IMPLICATIONS and CONSEQUENCES What are you assuming?How did you choose those assumptions?Please explain why/how...?How can you verify or disprove that assumption?What could we assume instead? Probing REASONS and EVIDENCE CLARIFICATION questions What do you mean by ___?How is this related to what we are talking about?Can you give me an example?Could you rephrase that?Are you saying ____ or ____? Probing ASSUMPTIONS What are you implying by that?What effect would that have?Why is ____ necessary?Why is ____ better than ___ ?What would ____ say about it?What is an alternative?How could you look at this in a different way? Then what would happen?How could ___ be used to ___?How does ___ affect ___?What are the implications of ___?What are the consequences of that assumption?Why is this issue important?How does ___ fit with what we learned before? Questions about VIEWPOINTS and PERSPECTIVES How do you know this?What evidence is there to support what you are saying?Are these reasons good enough?How might it be refuted?What would change your mind? Questions about the QUESTION What does that mean?Why do you think I asked this question?Am I making sense? Why not?What else might I ask? © 2015 WiREAD Project Team, Dr. Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan, Christin Jonathan, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Do not reproduce or modifywithout prior authorisation from authors. Contact, Singapore Adapted from: ???????????????????????????????//??????????????????????????
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