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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The battles of Brandywine Creek, Long Island, and Bunker hill Brandywine Creek ~September 11, 1777At Hamlet of Chadds FordGeorge Washington was the leader for the patriot side, while General William Howe was the commanderfor the British side. Casualties Patriots British 300 prisoner, 400-800 killed, and 600- 800 wounded Had morecasualties, 600-2000but around600 Bunker Hill ~June 17, 1775Near Boston, Massachusetts -William Prescott and George Washington led the patriots-General William Howe and Major John Pitcairn were theleaders Casualties Patriots British ~441 soldiers ~1,150 soldiers Long Island -August 27, 1776 Near New York City -Patriots were led by George Washington-The British redcoats were led by General William Howe Casualties Patriots Redcoats About 2,000 About 400 Advantages of the British army For each battle the British had the advantages of,a superior naval forcetrained, professional soldiers, and more supplies At the battle ofBrandywine CreekBritish tactics divided the army,half went to attack the right plank, andhalf went straight into the Patriots to fight. Which was what Washington was expecting. Outcome Each battle ended up that the British won, each battle the British also gained control of different city's. ~Brandywine Creek the British captured key American city ~Bunker Hill, the British gain an importantcity and port, Boston ~Long Island the British capture New York and make the Patriots retreat to Pennsylvania
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