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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Trade: I am impacted by Globalization thru TRADE because a great deal of things I use almost everyday are made or based out of an overseas in acountry that is poor orhas lots people that work for very cheap. Ex. Sony is based out of Tokyo Japan Ex. Apple is based out of California USA Materials that are used in those products such as Colton are mined for in other countries like Africaand constructed in placeslike TaiWan Communication: Communication is how weconnect to one another in themodern world companies such as Facebook, Snap chat and Instagram rule our world todaythrew trending pictures or videos. These examples connect to mebecause I have an account on two of those cites and I oftenvisit those trending or "popular"links to see what "the next bigthing" is. Cell phones, tablets,computers and gaming consolesare power sources behind thesemodern trends. Media is a lot like Communicationas it controls a large part of our daily lives as millions of peopleuse social media along with newsand other informational programsabout sports,weather and otherbreaking news from around theworld. Since I participate in social media, watch sports games andlisten to the weather is shows howI am connected to Media.Ex. People from across Canada and the U.S watched videos of the shooting that occurred on parliament hill. Media: Transportation: How I am impacted and influenced by the four forces of Globalization How I am impacted and influenced by the four forces of Globalization Transportation is one of the primary reasons that we have access to materials and products that are not found here. Using ships, planes and trucks we can receive products from far away places much easier and quicker.Ex. bananas and citrus fruits do not grow here but we have them anywaybecause of Transportation. Since I consume both bananas and oranges along with many other products I use are made in overseas locations showshow I am connected to transportation. Me These are all parts of the FORCES OF GLOBALIZATION Trade and Transportation are the two most connected forces to one another at least in my opinion
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