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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Social media How does social media differ from a regular website? -When you blog There is no competition when someone enters the URL to your blog. Its just your blog post followed by another one of your blog posts. With this method, you can develop a stronger community. -On social media, you will develop a larger community, but larger doesnt mean stronger. If someone is following thousands of people, chances are they wont see a lot of your tweets. Social media is also filled with competition because the timeline keeps on updating. A new tweet appears on my timeline every second, and millions of tweets are sent out every day-A blog is an exchange between one or more people about a topic or problem. People can suggest solutions to the problem or give advice- social media is more personal people can post photos of them selves write personal messages to friends or people they know social media is to gain popularity and likes Why has social media become more popular? Social media has become popular as it gives people a chance to keep in touch and it is very easy to use and accessible -what topics they are talking about - hidden agender between the lines - where there going - planed terrorist and criminal actions -Instagram gives you opt unity of sharing photos of your day - Twitter gives you the chance of sharing quick messages of what is happening- snapchat let's you send photos with messages to communicate which then dissapear- kik lets you text your friends for free - what's app lets you communicate with relatives and friends overseas for free and it is very accessible tWhat information could be gathered by an intelligence organisation from social media?
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