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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Social networking through the years Facebook Committees of Correspondence Facebook is in existence because of technology Since technology has gotten increasingly advanced, it has been easier to access Facebook making it more popular Women have a HUGE impact in Facebook. If women were not allowed, then Facebook would have not been famous and would have probably been sued for gender discrimination. Also Facebook is public, not only for people to access, but also in the stock market. It is known by almost everybody in the world. Technology did not affect the Committees of Correspondence because back then in the 1700s there was not much technology Women had no impact on the Committees because back then it was considered wrong for women to take part in activities that involved politics. The Committees of Correspondence were not made public as if it were accessible by everyone in the world, but it was public enough where people in different states knew about it and were able to use it. The way people communicated their information in the Committees was by mail. That was how they spread their ideas and information on where they are meeting and when. The way people communicate their information in Facebook is by using a computer or a phone or a tablet. Everything is electronic. Even though these two social networks are totally different, they have things in common. First, they both are social networks. Next, they both were and are used to express people's feelings. Finally, they both affect they way people see America as a country today. Shreyas KulkarniPeriod 6 What affect did technology have on the social media?Do women have an affect on the social media?Was the social media public, as in known by the government and known by people all over the world?How did they communicate their information?
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