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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 UNA INVESTIGACION DE MERCADOS Social Studies Infographic Boston Tea PartyThe Colonists hated the new tea laws and taxes so much that they dressed up like Native Americans and dumped tea off of British ships. The Intolerable ActsThe Colonists were punished for the acts made at the Boston Tea Party. They could only have one town meeting a year. The port at Boston was closed and the colonists had to feed and give shelter to the British soldiers. First Continental CongressDelegates from each colony except Georgia meet to organize opposition to the Intolerable Acts. The Battle Of Lexington and Concord The British troops go to seize the colonists weapons. The Minuet Men try to stop them, but have to retreat. They regroup and stop the British on a bridge. TOMA DE DECISIONES Y PLANIFICACION DE ESTRATEGIAS Quebec ActAs part of the Intolerable Acts, The Quebec Act extends the Quebec boarder into Ohio. ANALISIS YPRESENTACION DE RESULTADOS The Second Continental CongressThe Congress held their meeting in Philadelphia. They created a continental army and mad George Washington their Commander in Chief. The Battle of Bunker HillThis is one of the first battles in the war.This battle showed that the Americans had great courage but the British would not easily be defeated. The Declaration of Independence The Americans declare independence from England. It was mainly written by Thomas Jefferson. It had three main parts which were the rights of man, the British wrongs, and declaring Independence.
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