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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By:Emilly DunlapNovember 2014Social Studies 9DO Learn About The Atlantic Canadian Provinces Nova ScotiaCapital: Halifax, 44 N, 63 WPopulation: 940 ,592, 3% ofthe national population.Area of Nova Scotia: 55,283km, 0.6% of the total Canada. Atlantic Standard Time Zone New BrunswickCapitol: Fredericton, 45 N, 66 W.Population: 751,171, 2% of the national population.Area of New Brunswick: 72,908km, 0,7% of the total area of Canada. The beautiful landforms of Nova Scotia include low mountains, high hills, a rugged coastline and many sandy beaches as well as bays, and small inlets. Cultural life in Nova Scotia mostly revolves around Scottish traditions as well as many Gaelic traditions. Prince Edward Island:Capital: Charlottetown, 46 N,63 WPopulation: 145,211, 2% of the national population.Area of P.E.I. 5,660km, 0.1% of the total area of Canada.Atlantic Standard Time Zone. French settlers discovered New Brunswick in the early 1600's, majority of New Brunswick's population are Acadians, making many of there cultural traditions French. Landforms in P.E.I. would be the amazing coastlines filled with numerousbays, coves, and small inlets, the unique red soil which fills the wide sandy beaches,and few salt water mashes. Landforms of New Brunswick are the provinces rivers, several small salt and fresh water lakes, as well as the many valleys and small hills. Newfoundland is the youngest of the Atlantic provinces, its history is filled with early settlers from Europe, making many of Newfoundland's cultural life much the Europeans. The cultural features of P.E.I. are some similar to Nova Scotia few being the tradition and music. Newfoundland and LabradorCapitol: Saint Johns, 47 N, 52 W.Population: 526,896, 1.5% of the national population.Area of Newfoundland: 405,212km, 4.1%, of the total area of Canada.Newfoundland-Newfoundland Standard Time Zone.Labrador-Atlantic Standard Time Zone. The landforms of Newfoundland would be the many large hills and mountains which run through all the way to Alabama USA. As well as the numerous lakes, and rivers.
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