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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2010's 1950's 1970's March 5, 1770 1990's 2000's 1754-1763 The war between the French and English over land in New World.This helped to cause the revolution because King George III needed to pay for it by taxing the colonists. Though England won, it was an expensive war. Chuck Berry Johny B. Goode Nirvana Smells like teen spirit hi When the King put a tax on every piece of paper including newspaper and playing cards.The Stamp Act was an important event in the road to the revolution because it was the first act with taxation without representation against the colonists. This was when the colonists were beginning to rebel. Hotel California Michael Jackson Billie Jean California Gurls Katy Perry A group of Patriots dressed up as Indians and threw millions of dollars worth of tea in the harbor toprotest the Tea Act, which put a tax on all tea.This was an important event because it was the first time the King noticed the colonists' rebellion. He was furious and imposed the Intolerable Acts on the them. THE BOSTON TEA PARTY The Eagles THE FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR *resources MAKING IT REVOLUTIONARY! The Events leading uo to the American Revolution and how they helped to cause it. March 22nd, 1765 THE STAMP ACT THE BOSTON MASSACRE A fistfight broke out between a colonist and redcoat. Colonists jeered and threw rocks, and a soldier fired into the unarmed crowd. 5 colonists died and the Patriots used this, called it a massacre to incite unsure colonists to join their side. Dec 16th,1773 April 19th, 1775 LEXINGTON AND CONCORD "SHOT HEARD 'ROUND THEWORLD" The "shot heard 'round the world"was the start of the revolution.It was very important because itwas the first milit