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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Timeline from Boston Tea Party to The Revolution. Boston Tea Party The first major battle inThe Revolutionary War. The Britishwon in 1775 but suffered great losses. The British Parliament was outraged at the BostonTea Party so in 1774, they passed the Intolerable Acts Battle at Lexington and Concord Declaration of Independence Continental Congress In 1774 delegatesfrom every state meetin Philadelphia forthe first Continental Congress. Declaration of Independence issigned in 1776. The British went to seizeweapons at Lexington and Concordwhere they were caught in 1775 andfighting broke out. Battle of Bunker Hill Colonists dressed as Indians went aboard aBritish ship. They wereso angry at the newtaxes so they dumped crates of tea off of British ships. Intolerable Acts Battle of Long Island The British the battle in1776. Surrounded, the Americantroops escaped on small boats atnight. The British took over New York City. Battle of Trenton George Washington crosses the DelawareRiver and launches a surprise attack on British troops, who surrender quickly in 1776. Battle of Saratoga double click to change this header text! Americans defeat the British. Ten days later, more than 5000 British troops surrenderin 1777. French Alliance France and America makeagreement and promise to fighttogether for American Independencein 1778. Battle of Yorktown Charles Cornwallis makes mistakeand instead of sending troops toNew York he retreats to Yorktownwhere he is out-numbered and surrounded on a peninsula. He is forcedto surrender in 1781. Treaty of Paris Congress declares the war over and so Americaand Britain sign the Treaty of Paris, which declares America as an independent nation, sets the land borders for America andreturns Florida back to Spain. By Brendan Menges
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