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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Ohio State Government The Executive Branch TheSenate double click to change this header text! The Houseof Representatives 6 Elected Officials We Enforce The Laws!We also can veto the law from the Legislative Branch. John Kasich The Legislative Branch x 33 Members 4 Year Term 2 Year Term x 99Members We Create The Laws! Also, we can override the Governor! The Judicial Branch 132 Total in the General Assembly One Chief Justice andSix Associate Judges 6 Year Term! We Interpret the laws and also state the court of claims Representative Government example is us citizens vote for people such as Governor Kasich to make decisions for us. Separation of Powers example is all the different branches of Ohio such as Judicial,Legislative, and Executive. Ohio Supreme Court Checks and Balances Example is when the Executive Branch putsa veto on a law that the Legislative Branch passed such as no civil arrests are allowed to made on the 4th of July. So they would have put veto on that since it is a dumb law. Ohio's government balances my personal freedoms with order in our community. It balances my personal freedoms so I have choices in my daily life here in Ohio. It keeps order in our community by enforcing the laws on people. This way they cannot take advantage of others or the community.So, this balances my personal freedoms with order in our community soI can have my freedom, but know my boundaries.
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