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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Environmenta l Protection Job Safet y Workplace Diversity Employe eWellness Nik e the many - Provides Health insurancefor employees.- Provides Life & Accident insurance for employees- Provides Disability insurancefor employees- Helps employees withRetirement Savings - Gives all Nike employeesa Purchase Plan (15% discount) - Gives all employeesPaid vacations and holidays- Has many Onsite fitness centers for Nike employees and fitnessdiscounts.- Gives all employeesTransportation allowance/discounts- Gives Nike employeesTuition assistance Ashley Stolland Baylee King2W At Nike they have a very diverse workforce and all employee surveys have to be in 29 different languages.Also, they try to have an even amount of Men and Women workers.Right now, the staff is half and half at Nike Nike has a diversity program and they have spent about 88 Million dollars in diverse spending. Nike makes sure that all of their employees are at least 16 years old or older by law and if the job is dangerous they make sure the employee doing the job is at least 18 years old. Nike makes sure that all employees are paid at least minimum wage and paid for every hour they work. Nike also makes sure that employees are treated with respect and there is no abuse or harassment tolerated. Nike Established a new leather sourcing policy, it states that they will keep leather coming from deforested Amazon land out of their shoes and all other products. Nike has created a new program that states they will recycle shoes, phase out sulfur hexafluoride and now manufacture sport accessories from waste. Sources:
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