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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Renaissance history of something! The Renaissance history of something! How did a spirit of Exploration Become Part of the Western Worldview? Trades were expanding passed borders.Italy gained power and wealth.Both the governments and the traders worked to expand their control of trade around Mediterranean For centuries,Europeans had used the Silk Road to trade with the Far East.Now there changing things....Several mechants would form a company and pool their money to fund trading trips.And what they got back, they would sell all of it and split the money evenly. How did the Age of Exploration Begin? How did the Age of Exploration Begin? Spain--was envious of Portugal's wealth and power and decided to send it own expeditions to Far east for wealth and power. England-- was more interestedin trade within Europe & did not rush to fund explorations. How did the Age of Exploration Lead to Imperialism? How did the exchange of Goods and Products Change the World? It lead to Imperialism by.....Making so many colonies,they had so many more colonies then empires. It was a natural progression that policies of expansion would lead to imperialism. European exploration led to the redistribution of plants and animals around the world. It also had beneficial and destructive effects on the populations and ecosystems of Europe,Asia,Africa and the New World. How did Imperialism Affect Europen Worldviews? The exploration of new lands and new people altered European knowledge of geography and history. Europeans realized that therewere people with entirely different civilizations and histories thantheir own. RESOURCES:TEXT BOOK WE pray! for the great LORD ABOVE!
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