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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Social Media What's in it for Employers' Organisations? have a website 83% 37% have a facebook page have a twitter handle have a linkedin page 13% have a youtube channel 92% facebook 51% twitter 41% Plaxo 13% Ning 5% 5% Blogs Yahoo! Groups Internal network Top 5 reasons why executives use online networks 3) it's a great way to keep up with colleagues easy access to thought leadershipthat can't be found elsewhere good way to showcase themselves or their companies 5) 4) easy access to learning and professional development to find out what others think of products, services or approaches 4% LinkedIn Most popular social media sites among executives Xing 7% 3% Sources: IOE (2014), PwC survey 2014 31% 1) 2) socialcast (2010),,, USelvaraju, date last updated 28.01.2015 With over 2 billion photos being posted on facebook every day, the volume of social interaction taking place in real-time across digital platforms cannot be ignored. For Employers' Organisations, this begs the question: to what extent do we want to be a part of that conversation? These conversations have been associated withcampaigns, causes and civic action - a part of the dialogue that has been traditionally difficult for employers to own. That's the challenge that employers organisations need to consider. "You need equal time to tell your story. And if you are going to tell your story to the same people who are listening to criticisms about your company digitally, you'd better be able to communicate digitally." - Bert Alfonso, CFO, Hersey "Employers that avoid using social media altogether are missing an important opportunity and running the risk of alienating Gen Xers and millenials. Embracing the technology with proper planning and guidelines for its use are effective approaches to ensuring success." - Ben Stringfellow, McDonald's USA Senior Director of Communications And the role of digital in contributing, if not creating the future of recruitment is being considered a game changer by thought leaders. 25% IOE Members Despite the challenges, employers' organisations are using social media to get their voices heard The ACCI's (Australia) 'Small business: Too Big to Ignore' campaign is an example relevant to employers' organisations of how pressure to change policy can be applied using social media. The campaign lobbies government to cut red tape, make it easier to employ people and improve infrastructure.
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