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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 Social Media Marketing "Musts" double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. 1. Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. Listening to your audience may be the area where admissions offices can get the most leverage from social media and it's probably the least attended to. Doing this well means the obvious- allow yourfans and followers to engage by posting and commenting and respond in thoughtful and meaningful ways. But it also means measuring and leveraging what's available to you in creative ways. Use tools available to track your school's online profile. Use Facebook's Graph Search to learn more about your prospects. Monitor Twitter hashtags that will help you engage your followers and build your audience. And of course track and analyze data on your fans and followers to measure results relative to your goals. A quick-guide for college admissions and enrollment offices 2. Know Your Audience Would you plan an on-campus event and not have and idea of what you want to accomplish and ways to measure the results and then wander the campus looking lost in front of your prospective students?Is your goal brand building? Prospect engagement? Community building? It can be more than one thing and it can be different things across different social media outlets. But have a clear strategy for every outlet you're on or you'll be wandering lost in front of your prospective students! 3. Listen to Your Audience Don't assume all of your Facebook fans and Twitter followers are prospective students. You may have a Twitter following that is 60% guidance counselors. Maybe 30% of your Facebook fans are parents. Your strategy should try to control this somewhat. But you can always tweak your strategy as you go. The important thing is to engage the right audience. Any admissions office would be thrilled to engage guidance counselors on a regular basis but you'll lose those followers fast if all you do is post pictures of your mascot and updates on how great your campus events were. Copyright CampusShare LLC 2013
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