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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Social Media my site Aim for 400+ "likes" Post Daily Add Value Take the Online, Offline Post 3- 5 times / week Be a "good finder" A plan that works. Pictures Be Active Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Make sure your profile pic not onlylooks like you - but is friendly and approachable. Everything you do should "connect with fans" (e.g., build relationships, connect emotionally, solve a problem) and give thema "reason to buy." (e.g., show your brand, why list with you?, demonstrate your strengths). Post too little and no one sees your content. Post too much and you may be annoying. A great way to "add value" while building relationships is to promote your friends and clients successes. Spend a few minutes each week reposting / sharing / commenting when your friend has a success. Add Value Social Media is just part of your marketing plan. Think of it as a "foot in the door." The best marketing happens when you take the online, offline. Look to continue relationships into the real world - with meetings over coffee, presentations, volunteering, postcards, etc. Create a Content Calendar Social Media works best if it's part of your work rhythms. Content calendars reinforce this, because they help you plan ahead. Content calendars can be anything, so consider this a suggestion, not a rule. Your goal is to reach people outside of your Sphere of Influence - for most people, that happens with about 400 Facebook followers. Monday: Industry News Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: DIY Tips Local Spotlight Be a Good Finder Highlight Your Listings 3 Keys to Success 1. 2. 3.
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