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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3. Build a Diverse Curriculum 1. Create Sufficent Mindsets 5. Test Different "Zero tolerance policies are yielding negative effects especially for students of color. Policies, such as these, are simultaneously pushing students out of learning environments and into harsh correctional institutions. School policies need to be revisited andanother approached needs to be taken. Besides unnecessary pressure on students and teachers,standardized tests kill creativity, innovation andlimit critical thinking skills. The curriculum that is taught in classrooms across the based on the perspective of white males.Over time, some of these stories have been proven to be a lie (e.g. Mexican-American War/Invasion of Mexico)and textbook examples are irreverent to thenew diverse classroom settings. "African American English" SOCIAL JUSTICE is about ensuring that everyone has access to equal rights and opportunites. -Regardless of their race or background! See how the Place of Opportunites has turned into a Place of Dispear SOCIAL JUSTICE'S PLACE IN EDUCATION "At Risk" EDUCATION 101 2. Destroy the "School to Prison" Pipeline Illustration by Chris Buzelli "gifted" STAY or LEAVE "normal" Different languages should NO longer be seen as deficients.Students should not be forced to spend 53 hours a week being treated as though their language and cultureis wrong, bad, or "needs fixing". "ELL" "accent" "remedial" "Valley Girl" "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King, Jr Preform. WHITE or WRONG
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