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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The HouseOf Commons Prime Ministerand Cabinet Executive Legislative Judiciary Supreme Courtof Canada Other Courts The Queen andGovernor-General Legend: : The Queen appoints the Governor General to represent her. : The Governor General appoints the members of the Senate. : The Governor General appoints the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. : The Senate reviews the bills from the House of Commons and sometimes sends themback for amendments. : The Prime Minister and the Cabinet are obligated to the House of Commons. : The Prime Minister gives advice to the Governor General before the Governor General makes decisions. : The Prime Minister assigns new laws to the Supreme Court of Canada. : The Supreme Court and the Other Courts judge the lawsuits of the People. : The Prime Minister and the Cabinet determine and choose the policy of the Government Ministries. : The Voters elect the members of the House of Commons in which there is a seat for eachriding in Canada (308 seats). : The Government Ministries create and implement laws for the People of Canada. The Cabinet is the committee of ministers chosen by the Prime Minister that holds the Executive Powermeaning that the Cabinet runs the Federal Government. The party with the most seats from the electionusually forms the government and the party with the second most seats forms the opposition. The membersof the House of Commons are most commonly known as MPs (members of Parliament). You have to go through these steps to create a law. If you get the Cabinet's approval on an idea, youpropose it to the House of Commons as a bill and after they debate it, if you win the vote, then they send it tothe Senate (who rarely denies bills)and the Senate usually passes it or sends it back for minor amendments. Senate GovernmentMinistries Voters andPeople ofCanada Omar H.
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