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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Stock Market Game Infographic Munster High SchoolMr. FortnerJared HillTeam:375 Overview of Portfolio Total Invested: $56,639.90Remaining Balance: $43,769.73Overall Unrealized Gains/loses: $0.00Total Equity Gains:$100,409.63Net Equity Gains: $409.63Percent Return: 0.41% Strategy As a group, we decided to strategically invest our initial amount of $100,000 in to stable stocks. Though we only invest in 11 different stocks, these stocks consisted of a variety of large businesses and corporations. Eight of them are associated with the New York Stock Exchange while, the three others are cooperative with the NASADAQ stock exchange. Our strategy was simply based on rational investments. We were to also invest on an accordingly schedule and in consideration to others investing on the team. Stock Portfolio Walmart operates a large retail franchise. Walmart U.S, International, and the Sam's Club, ofwhich make up this franchise. Walmart, one of theworld's largest merchants, is a great stable stock to invest in. I invested 60 shares in to Walmart for just that reason. To also, see how my team could benefit from investing in such a large company. Company: WalmartTicker: WMTPurchase Price: $76.58Total # of Shares: 60Ending Price:$84.12Gains/Loses: -- Investment Rationale Future Changes If our group were to play the Stock Market Game again, we would take a more eager approach. Our strategic views were rational and cost effective, however as a group, we did lack persistency in buying numerous shares and were essentially too hesitant.If the Stock Market Game were to be longer, we would have eventually created more effective ideas. Nonetheless, these mistakes were due to us being first time players; if given another chance, we would correct our mistakes. Leading to a more successful path than our first.
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