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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Usage in Canada 79% Smartphone 36% 24% 17% Instagram Pinterest Vine 54% 80% Apps and SocialMedia On average, a person has 25 apps on their phone. 82% of people have games on their smartphone.82% have a weather app.80% use navigation apps. 75% use their phones for photo & video.74% have some type of social network app. Smartphone Ownership Did you know that women own more iPhones than men? 38% of women whohave a smart phone have an iPhone where as 28% of men who have smartphones have iPhones. of people in Canada haveSmartphones, but they aren't all the same. 55% Other Windows Android Blackberry 45% of people own androids34% of people own iPhones15% of people own Blackberrys4% of people own Windows 2% of people own other Smartphones iPhone Usage On Average people claim they check their phone 19 * times a day, however the average person checks their phone at least 150 times. * * 23 times are message related 22 times are calling related 18 times for checking the time 13 times for music 12 times for gaming 9 times for social media 8 times for alarms 8 times for picture and video 6 times for news and alerts 5 times to check the calendar 3 times are search related 3 times for browsing the web 3 times for battery charging 1 time for voicemail approximately Did you know that 1 in 5 people are addicted to their smartphones? Bibliography / . e-market/
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