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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sleeping Return Call to Adventure Assistance Depature While in the cabin, Aurora was safe. Her godmothers helped for now until tragedy struck. Everything turns back to normal as it was in the beginning and everyone is happy. Crisis Treasure Result Aurora's life before her curse is fairly known since Aurora got the curse when she was a baby. Aurora was when after the curse and basically the whole kingdom wanted to save Aurora Aurora's fairy godmothers assisted Aurora and the kingdom from what happened to Aurora Approach As maleficent turns into a dragon, Prince Philip tried all his might to defeat her. That was because Aurora pricked her finger and fell asleep. Prince Philip's life in vain as he fights Maleficent trying to reach Aurora. Prince Philip kisses Aurora and awakens her from her endless sleep. Status Quo Resulting Aurora is saved and she falls in love with Prince Philip whom saved her. As the events go on, Aurora leaves to a different place to keep her safe from harm. Especially Maleficent. Trials New Life Aurora and Prince Philip get happily married begging a life with each other. Resolution The kingdom is saved and Maleficent is slain and Aurora is alive because of Prince Philip and true loves kiss. Status Quo Everything goes back to normal, but of course not every fairytale is happy. The call to adventure awaits. Beauty
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