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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Slavery in the North What does it mean to be a slave? To be a slave means that someone owns you, you are classified as someones property. Being forced to do labor for nothing in return. In 1793,Congress enacted a pair of federal laws called The Fugitive Slave Acts". By 1800, there were about 50,000 enslaved people in the North, compared to nearly one million in the South. By 1807, Congress banned the importation of slaves. In 1831, Nat Turner led the Slave Rebellion. In 1850, "The Fugitive Slave Acts" led to "The Passage of The Fugitive Slave Acts" which added further provisions regarding runaways with harsher punishments. In 1864, both the "Fugitive Slave Acts" and "The Passage of The Fugitive Slave Acts" were repealed by congress. The passage of the Fugitive Slave Act resulted in many free blacks being illegally captured and sold into slavery. Slaves in the North were treated drastically different than the South. Slaves were treated very kindly, some were even incorporated into the family. By the 1860s, there were about 18 slaves in New Jersey but none in other Northern States. Nat Turner's Rebellion,led to being stricter with the slaves. The Underground Railroad was organized so slaves in the South can escape to the North. Harriet Tubman was one of the slaves that escapedthrough the Underground Railroad. By 1804, North were convinced to die out the practice of slavery. Abolitionists came together to form Anti- Slavery societies. Not everyone in the North wanted tostop slavery. Lower class white workers didnt want to abolish slavery because they feared freed slaves will come North and they would have to compete for work with them.
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