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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Park Management Programming Needs Assessment double click to change this title text! - A needs assessment is a way to find out what your target group wants/ needs-The best benefit is, you get an understandingof what your program needs to accomplish- Some challenges are, it is hard to get people to doyour needs assessment. Program Plan -Designing a program is difficult, needs assessment helps guide you-Benefits include, you get to design whateverprogram you want to help educate people-Challenges about this is creating a program is very difficultto do at times Find Stakeholders/ Staff - Stake holders are people who can help youwith your event. They have an interest and arethere to help you with useful resources- They are beneficial because, not only do they helpyou plan your event but, they can provide you withresources you wouldn't have access to- It can be challenging to find stake holdersor people to staff your event. Program Implementation -This step is where you actually put on your event/program.-The benefit of this step is getting yourprogram under way and actually seeing howwell it runs- There are always going to be unforeseen challengesthat arise during the implementation of your program. Anythingfrom participants to weather. Evaluation -Evaluating your program is important in knowinghow well you achieved your goal.-It is also beneficial for hosting future eventsso you know what to improve on- You can use questionnaire or surveys however, some people may not want to do these evaluations Yosemite Attendance by Day
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