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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Virginia Slave Timeline 1607-105 Colonists landin Jamestown 1609-500 settlers had arrived in Jamestown 1609-1610-Famine Struck,leaving only 60 settlers alive. 1617-Sucess foundwith a variety of tobacco seed fromTrinidad. 1500-mid-1600s-Englad populationgrows from lessthan 3 million tomore than 5 million. 17th Century (1600s)-Between 1/2 and 2/3 white immigrants came to America as indentured servants. 1639/40-Maryland states babtism as a Christian does not make a black slave free.Anthony Johnson purchaseshis first property.A Black man was punished more severelythan two white men who attemptedto escape captivity. 1625-"Antonio the negro".was names in the Virginia census.23 Black People Settle. 1641-Massachusetts becomesfirst colony to legally recongize slavery. 1650-Anthony was one ofonly 400 Blacks outof 19,000 settlers. 1619-Dutch ship anchoredat Jamestown, giving them captive Africans in exchange for supplies, these Africans indentured servants. Africans had thesame status as white servants, but this graduallychanged. 1660-Fewer then 1,000 slaves in Virginia and Maryland. 1665- Johnson moves to Maryland, leases 300-acre plantation, and dies 5 years later. 1664- Renames New NetherlandsNew York. 1669- Virginia becomes first colony todeclare that it is not a crime to killan unruly slave as a form of punishment. 1676- Working class man burns Jamestown and Bacon's Rebellion occurs. 1680- 7% of Virginia and Maryland consists of slaves. 1700- 22% of Marylandand Virginia consist of slaves. Other Dates: 1775-210,000 Black Settlers. 1672- England got into slave trade officially. Main Laws Passed: 1640-1660: The Critical Period: Custom to Law when Status Changed to "Servant for Life"1660-1680: Slave Laws FurtherRestrict Freedom to Blacks andLegalize Different Treatment forBlacks and Whites.1680-1705: Slave Laws Reflect Racismand the Deliberate Separation of Blacksand Whites. Color becomes the Determining Factor. Conscious Effortsto Rigidly Police Slave Conduct.
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