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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 rated charities $553,79 2 Number of Heart& Stroke Foundation volunteers Daniels, H. & Zemelman, S. (2004). Subjects Matter: Every Teachers Guide to Content-Area Reading. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. 140,00 0 2013 Charity 100 by the numbers... Top salary at Hospital for Sick Children Foundation Content Text Input Visual Interpretation Output What's Important? NOT artistic ability Interpreting text in a visual way Sharing student work (a gallery walk could be utilized) Discussing the art created Cross-Content Compatible Sketch the physical states of matter Draw complex mathematical word problems Diagram stage positions in a play Show the sequence of key historic events Cooks adjusted the temperature of their soups by adding special hot cubes or cold cubes to their cauldrons. For each hot cube that was put into the cauldron, the temperature went up one degree. Each cold cube put in lowered the temperature one degree.1. Two hot cubes were added and four cold cubes were added to a 100 degree cauldron. How Does it Work? As students are reading or after they complete their reading, a prompt directs them to sketch a visual interpretation of something they've read.Students may have multiple prompts to sketch throughout a single text.After sketching, students may share and discuss their work. Core Linkage Interpretation and translation of text into a new medium encourages higher-level thinking and introduces differentiation in the display of comprehension.Increasing a student's ability to integrate and evaluate content in diverse formats aligns directly with core literacy standards. The diversity of possible applications for this strategy allows for it to support many other core standards. Sketching My Way Through the Text Daniels H. & Zimelmen S. (2004) Subjects Matter: Every Teacher's Guide to Content-Area Reading. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann
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