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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Six Sigma Improving Quality Systematically What is Six Sigma? Implementation of provenquality principles andtechniques Sigma aims for virtually error free businessperformance. double click to change this title text! Understanding the Tool Using a handful of tried and true performanceimprovement methods It involves training asmall cadre of in-housetechnical leaders The DMAIC Framework D Define the goals of the improvement activity. M Measure the existing system.A Analyze the system. . I Improve the system. C Control the new system. D = Define the goals of the improvement activity. M = Measure the existing system. A = Analyze the system I = Improve the system C = Control the new system Black Belts be technically- oriented individualsheld in high regard by their peers. Candidates will: possess a background incollege-level mathematics be comfortable with computers. be able to understand oneor more operating systems Other Elements of Six Sigma Infrastructure Leadership Six Sigma must be implemented from the top-down. Champions and Sponsors Sigma champions are high-level individuals Sponsors are owners of processes and systems Master Black Belts Belts provide technical leadership Green Belts project leaders capable of forming and facilitating Brighton School of Business and Management Article from Six Sigma expert, Thomas Pyzdek.
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