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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TITLE Six Dimensio nsof Wellness Emot ional Educa tion Physi cal Social Intell ectu al Spiri tual Cabri Lorem Lorem Lorem Lorem Lorem Ipsum Et Dolor Sit Amet Lorem tap and hold to changethis text! This dimension of wellness recognizes personal satisfaction and achievement in your work. During your path to occupational wellness you will contribute your skills and talents to you work which then makes your work personally meaningful and rewarding. As you go through jobs that are fun and exciting for you, you will learn different values for each job. This dimension of wellness wants you to contribute to your environment and community. You will take your part in improving our world by healthier living and having better conversations with the people around you. It is better to contribute to the community than to think only of yourself. This dimension of wellness recognizes your creativity with mental games. On this wellness path you will explore issues related to problem solving. You will spend more time during things you like while reading books, magazines and newspapers. You will actively strive to expand and challenge your brain. This dimension of wellness recognizes the search for meaning and purpose in human existence. While traveling down this path you may experience these feelings doubt, fear, disappointment, joy, happiness. You will know when you are becoming spiritually well when your beliefs become more consistent with your actions. This dimension of wellness recognizes awareness and acceptance of someone's feelings. Emotional wellness includes that you feel positive and excited about yourself and life. If you are well you maintain good relationships with other people. On this path you will be able to express your feelings freely and be able to manage your feelings. This dimension of wellness recognizes the need for physical activity on a regular day to day bases. Optimal wellness is met through a combination of good exercise and good eating habits. On this path you will spend time building strength, endurance and flexibility. You will learn how your eating habits affect your body's performance. By Kevin Tierney
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