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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Six Dimensions of Wellness Occupational Physical Social Emotional Spiritual Intellectual you've done enough. You should push your mind and face a problem head on sooner rather than later. In this dimension you will use talents to help others in the world. Not only should you set achievable and challenging goals, but also do what you desire. Continue to pursue interests instead of stopping and feeling like In this dimension you should know the meaning of life and understand it. You will have many good feelings but will experience some bad ones. You will live by a set of rules that you make, and do what you want not what others want. Lastly, in this dimension you should keep your mind open. In this dimension, you focus partly on how you feel about your life. You should understand and control yourself. You must deal with stress properly and keep relationships. You must push yourself in this dimension. You must be competent to work alone, but also see the worth in working with others. forward to your future all the time. If an occupation is not your interest, there is no reason to go ahead with it. In this dimension of wellness being active and keeping up with physical activity isn't always enough. You need to watch your diet and eat nutritionally, but also stay away from drugs and tobacco. You want to become stronger and physically more in shape but by doing it safely and knowing when the right time is to see a doctor for any case. Becoming fit may help out in other dimensions too. In this dimension, you must help others and not become self-centered. You will need good communication skills and drive people to be healthier, all to better society. You want to be peaceful with everybody and enrich your relationships in order to create a better world for you to live in. In this dimension you should focus on using skills you already have to choose a job you desire and want to strive in. You should have a job that keeps you interested on a daily basis and also, makes you look By: Peter Morrisroe 4B
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