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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Six Criteria 2012 2011 If the problem isn't important, then you and your team memberswill wonder why you are all investing time in this.Energy will lag,and team members' potential will not be fully tapped. Importance and significance Adapted from Michael J. Marquardt, 2011. Optimizing the power of action learning, 2nd Edition, Boston, MA: Nicholas Brealey Publishing. for Good Adaptive Problems Urgency No existing solution Feasible Familiarity Learning opportunity There should be a real time frame in which the problem needsto be solved. If a solution already exists, then there is no need for the teamto work on this project. The problem should not be a puzzle,with one correct but hidden solution that team-members are working to uncover. The problem should be feasible to address in the time-frame allottedfor this task (10 weeks). If it is too complex, it will overwhelm ratherthan challenge the group. There should be some familiarity with the problem for at least one(or more) members of the group. However, it is also desirable thatnot all members be familiar with the problem. Some lack of familiarityis likely to lead to better questions and more innovative solutions. The problem should also provide learning opportunities for the group.If this project represents a problem nearly identical to others solvedby the group in the past, then little learning can be gained and littleenthusiasm is likely to ensue.
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