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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 El Libertador 1783 - 1830 Simón Bolívar His Vision Bolivar's dream hadalways been to liberateLatin and South America.When he was a child, heenvisioned himself as theleader of a revolution. It wasthis dream that shaped hisactions. Born in Caracas, Venezuela -Creole-from a wealthy, slave-owning family-orphaned when young-known as the George Washington of Latin America Military Genius Bolivar joined the army at theyoung age of 14. As he rosethrough the ranks, it becameclear that Bolivar was a brillianttactician. He always did theunexpected. Between 1812and 1824, Bolivar won a totalof 35 battles. Disagreements and Betrayals Bolivar was a great person, but he hada bad side, too. Bolivar did not getalong with other revolutionary generals.His best friend eventually became hisworst enemy. While Bolivar believed thatthe Americas should eventually unite toform one large, super-country, mostothers disagreed. When he declaredhimself a military dictator, the peopletried to assassinate him. Bolivar was an honest leader, andhad a lot of integrity. When he freedthe Americas, he did so because hewanted to, not because he was outfor power. One thing Bolivar said whenhe addressed the Venezuelans was,"We have been unable towatch with indifference theafflictions you were forcedto experience by thebarbarous Spaniards." Good At Heart Bolivar's honest intentions made him betterthan Napoleon. His strong vision exceededthat of Queen Victoria, who could not seepast her grief. Bolivar's wish to free the peopleallowed greatly surpassed Louis XIV's wish tobe king. Catherine's military achievements palein comparison to Bolivar's. -late 18th and early 19th century-the Americas were ruled by Spain X 1st
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