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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website SILVER SILVER THEME: Things aren't always as they seem Objective summary:Paul wanted to find out what kind of beetle he had foundbut realized the beetle's chitin was medal so he started dissecting it andfound out it was a microchipfor some kind of ship. Plot:When Paul found the bug he thought it was just an ordinary beetle but he started dissecting it.It wasn't a beetle it was a microchip for a ship Paul thought it was a beetlebut it wasn't.Things aren't always as theyseem. Setting: Mortingham Boarding academy was a school right beside a river where Paul found what he thought he was a beetle but after he Crushed it because itscared him he found that it wasn't the kind of bug he thought it was.he took it into the lab so he and his friends could dissect it. It was a microchip in the shape ofa beetle two people have alreadybeen bitten and he realized the bug he found had been injectedwith an infectious disease and he will have to break the news to theschool. And sooner or later he would be fighting for his life and peoplethat he didn't even know they locked themselves in a classroom . double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Character:Paul had proven that things aren't always as they seem because he thought what he discovered was a beetle but it was really a microchip spreading an infectious disease.He realized it wasn't a beetle and that itwas a microchip.things aren't always as they seem.
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