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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The role of the legs: The legs, like many other parts of the bodyare victims to Sharane's gentle caressing and even her sharp and erotic, violent slaps. References:Mahoney, E.R. (1983). Human Sexuality. McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Limited.McDonald, J. A. (2014). How well do I know myself? Personal Survey. University of the West Indies Mona, WJC. The role of the hands: The lips are used to create and send powerful signalsthat serve as significant signs in the process. Looking at Sharane, her tongue will be seen slidingsexually across the curves of her lips. Just by listening, one will hear her make slithering sounds in an attempt to gain their attention. The role of the lips: The breasts are typically used as a means of her personal arousal, and in essence, used to emphasize her inner feelings and what she desiresat the moment- something of a caressing/ sexual nature. Similar to the lips, the hands take on multiple roles. As an attention seeker, the hands are usually used to reach out with gentle swaying strokes to the individual nearest to her. In adding to her personal arousal and conveying her message, the hands are used to caress parts of her body with short and slow strokes,sometimes quick violent slaps. Signs that Sharaneis sexually aroused ("horny"). The role of the breasts: Pie Chart showing the frequency of the occurrencesof each action in Sharane's series of actions that speaks to her being sexually aroused. Slithering lip sounds are the mostprevalent among the actions in theseries of Sharane communicatingher sexual arousal. As a result, it is accounted for by the largestsection of the pie (100%). Fondling/ caressing body partswas found to be the second mostprominent action within the series,accounting for the second largest section of the pie (80%). Making gentle strokes is the least prominent among all the actions, as according to observations, Sharane requires specific company around to make strokes at. As a result, this action is accountedfor in her series by approximately 40%. Widening and closing of the legs, also, based uponobservation a specific crowd or company to provide this level of entertainment. However, it is more commonly seen that making strokes; and isaccounted for in approximately 60% of her series of actions. The actions which compile the series used to identify Sharane's mode of sexual arousal are:A) Slithering lip sounds and tongue movement [RED].B) Fondling/ caressing certain body parts [GREEN].C) Making gentle strokes at others [YELLOW].D) Widening and closing her legs repeatedly,in a slow manner [BLUE]. Author: Jeneil McDonald
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