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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ethnicity Sierra Leone TheresaBlock F Demonym Shape and Boundary Issues Government Flag It is a constitutional democracy, supporting theidea of a federal government. The many ethnicities of Sierra Leone suggestthat there is a significant amount of immigrants and refugees from other African states that are living in Sierra Leone. It also means that SierraLeone is a multi-ethnic state that is prone to gerrymandering when it comes to electing their president. White represents justice. Sierra Leonean Shape: Compact stateType: Multi-ethnic State 11% The area/town is on the border of Guinea and Sierra Leone but owned by Sierra Leone accordingto the 2005 agreement betweenthe two states. The issue is thatGuineas military that acted as theally in the civil war still resides inYenga, creating uneasiness for Sierra Leoneans. However, in 2012 both states gave consent to demilitarizeYenga. Green symbolizes theagricultural and naturalresources of the country. Blue symbolizes the harbor in Freetown in honor of trade. red - Temne 35%green - Mende 31%yellow - Limba 8%purple - Kono 5%blue - Kriole 2%orange - Mandingo 2%pink - Loko 2%gold - Other 15% (no known devolution) Centripetal forces Centripetal forces Centripetal Forces The Civil War after the devastating war, Sierra Leoneans come together to support each otherNationalism no conflict between residingethnic groupsHelp from other countriesBeing a part of the AU and the UN Centrifugal Forces Ethnicity The Civil War broken trust between Sierra Leoneand Liberia; economically and politically unstableLow Literacy Rates - high unemployment rates; homeless children roaming the streetsPoverty - doesn't even have enough to emigrateNuclear Families - most were wiped out during the civil war; only few family lines are left Supranational Organizations - AU = the African Union (organization consisting of the 54 states of Africa exemptingMorocco)- UN = The United Nations(organization consisting of 193states of the world)- UNESCO = sub-organization under UN (The United NationsEducational, Scientific andCultural Organization)
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