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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Friends Sidney Bechet Ads Sources New in 1920's You've got to be in the sun to feel the sun. It's that way with music too. About I was born on May 14, 1897, New Orleans, LA.I am a Jazz Clarinet and Saxophone Player.I perform with the Red Onion Jazz Babies. Louis Armstrong- Jazz Trumpet player. Lillian Hardin Armstrong-Jazz Pianist This new new radio I bought is the bees knees!! We played amazing at that joint today! That Louis is just simply the big cheese. And his wife is pretty keen also! The best Cloche Hats you will find for only $3! Buy new and elegant neckties for just $1.70! The radio allows you to listen to things such as sports, comedy shows, jazz, and more! All for just $75! Talk to anyone easily,and instantly with the new telephone for a residential rate of simply 3$ a month! Some hard boiled gangster gave me the heepie-jeebies today! I thought he was gonna bump me off for sure! I watched some spiffy guy beingbrought away by the cops cause he had some giggle water. Bought a brand new clarinettoday! It's the cat's meow! Just went to see a movie today,and the sheba in it was totally the berries! Saw some gangster and his moll run off with some hooch outside of a speakeasy today. My Red Onion Jazz Babies played at some swanky gin mill today and got a lot of applauds from the audience.
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