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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 300 Million by 2020* *UNWTO - Power of Youth Travel 200 Million in 2012 POTENTIAL CUSTOMER BASIS: TARGET MARKET SideKick Adventure TravellersAges: 18-28 46% 16% 5% 5% *Richards & Wilson, 2003 North America Europe S.E.A. Australia Our Traveller is... - Youth Travellers (18-28) ~Adventurous - Under 25s Identify as "Tourists"- Over 25s Identify as "Travellers/Backpackers"- Concerned about safety- Student Budget- Smartphone User Why Them? - Less deterred by terrorism, political and civil unrest, disease or natural disasters- Cutting edge of using new technology - Less time in major city, more rural destinations- Average total spend: aprox. Euros 3000 What is a SideKick? SideKick? Safety + Fashion + Travel = A fashionable wearable tech. that provides safety to travellers How? - GPS chip, accelerometer and gyroscope - Heart and blood pressure monitors to detect danger- Alert other people using Sidekick- Emergency contact list- Contact local authorities- Snooze button- Affordable- Selection of fashionable and discreet designs designs in stainless steel, leather and cord Purchasing Process consideration Create buzz through:- Word Of Mouth (WOM)- Advertising (travel magazines)- Real Life Stories from Beta Tests evaluation - "Why Not?" marketing approach- Emotional marketing- Low cost purchase Estimated Retail Price:USD 40-60 - sales representatives in select distributers- e-commerce & online purchasing- pop-up stores Customer Service - maintaining customer relationship- warranty- help desk / tech. support Product Development + - GPS- accelerometer - button mechanism - vibrator- alert system- bluetooth - leather- cord- stainless steel Suppliers are required for: Market based pricing = Operational Model Activities to deliver primary product to client: innovation- product evolves to beta tests and clients needs (i.e. tailoring to feedback from clients) operations- production line management- planning for next model- meeting financial targets / milestones marketing- developing brand image and identity- incorporating clients into development of product- increasing credibility through testimonials- brand ambassadors client services- enhance brand loyalty- maintenance of relationship- tech support-