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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 July 7- end of July: The Shrivers played a main role in the Battle of Gettysburg- they and the citizens of Gettysburg were just as important to the battle as the soldiers. This was the bedroom of George Shriver and his wife, Hettie.George joined the Union army in 1861, leaving his wife and daughters living in the house. The Shriver daughters, Sadie, 9, and Mollie, 7, occupied this room. Hettie decided to return to their house in town. When Hettie, Sadie, and Mollie entered their house,they encountered a scene they would never forget- blood stains on the floor, bullets strewn everywhere, and most shockingly, Confederate soldiers. July 7: What happened to the Shrivers before, during, and after the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863) A few days before the battle: When Hettie set up the hospital after the battle,she took off her front door to serve as an amputation table. - info about the - Shriver House picture Hettie heard that Confederate troops were nearing their town of Gettysburg, and might invade. With her daughters, she fled to her parents' farm on the outskirts of town, thinking it would be safer than their house. Little did she know, that was where the worst of the fighting would happen. Hettie believed all soldiers deserved equal care even though she was a Yankee. She set up a makeshift hospital in the cellar to carefor the wounded Confederates found in her attic, and soon many wounded and dying Gettysburg soldiers from both sides came to beamputated. With the help of neighbors, she amputated many Gettysburg soldiers and saved their lives. Sadie and Mollie helped by carrying the limbs outside- at one point the limb pile was higher than the garden fence! The attic (which is not visible here) Confederate soldiers occupied and shot out of. Confederate soldiers indeed,like Hettie feared, invaded Gettysburg, including the Shrivers' house. The house's attic was most important to them. From there, they could shoot at Union soldiers on the street- and that was exactly what they did. They knocked out the window and a hole in the brick wall to shoot and spy out of. The Shrivers' Story- Eyewitnesses to the Battle of Gettysburg The Confederate soldiers whooccupied the house and attic. First day of Battle, July 1: During the Battle of Gettysburg: Hettie, her daughters, and her parentstook refuge in the farmhouse cellar.The noise was deafening and the smell of dead bodies reached them even in the cellar-they were right on the battlefield of Pickett's Charge between Big and Little Round Top. By: Amy George
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