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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mormonism in the Antebellum Period Tea originated in Yunnan in Southwest China India and Central Asia Tibet (Qinghai- Tibet Plateau and the Yunnan- Guizhou plautau and the Ancient Tea- Horse Road Joseph Smith -Founder-Started the Relief SocietyBrigham Young -Second Leader, -Founded the Salt Lake SettlementJoseph F Smith -6th Leader-Outlawed polygamy Goals Escape Persuction by the U.S.-Founded Salt Lake City after being pushed westward multiple timesImprove Society through religion-abstanance from drugs or gambling Europe (West) Tea was used in the higher class in Europe.It was also used as a subtitle for coinsOne of the largest historical events of teawas the establishment of large scale commercial tea production in India. (1820s)India is now one of the top tea producersin the world Methods Used The concept of a united family that lives and progresses attractedfollowersProselytism right's attracted many new converts Emma FascioloMr. RogersGlobal Themes A "The story of tea is the story of imperialism, industrialization,and world domination, one cup at a time." (Tom Standage, "A Historyof the World in 6 Glasses"). " "It was the largest and most powerful monopoly in world history." Important Members Impact and Contribution The road was not actually a road. It was quite a dangerous route. It had mountains, forests, and more dangerous obstacles. No other place had had tea before, so it was very popular. This made itvaluable because new countries wanted this new substance.
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