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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. Danny listening to music in a history class- wide-shot from back of classroom.2. Danny falling asleep- close-up of face.3. Shelby foot steps- close-up of feet.4. Shelby choosing song on jukebox- close-up of face.5. Shelby clicking button on jukebox- close-up of hand clicking button.6. Phoebe lip syncing "hey where's the drums?"- mid-shot of Phoebe.7. Darius playing the drums- wide-shot of Darius on the drums.8. Dannys James Bond moment- close-up/ mid-shot.9. Darius playing the drums- wide-shot of Darius on the drums.10. Danny lip syncing- close-up/ mid-shot.11. Walking through the eras- long shot- 4 different shots.12. Danny chasing the 'classic' girls- long shot.13. Naomi doing the crazy thing- close-up.14. Sophie smiling- close-up.15. Naomi dancing like Michael Jackson- long shot.16. Kiss the camera/ something infront of the camera- extreme close-up.17. Sophie winking, Phoebe applying lipstick- close-up- 2 shots.18. Danny lip syncing- close-up.19. Naomi in a row of mannequins- pan across mannequins, close-up?20. Shelby doing the dance from the film 'grease'- long-shot.21. Sophie holding protest sign- mid-shot.22. Phoebe having roses thrown at her- wide-shot.23. Danny holding bunch of roses- close-up.24. Danny dancing/ acting like Frank Sinatra- long-shot.25. Danny pulling Naomi along in a toy quad-bike- pan along with toy car and Danny.26. Danny huffing/ sighing like he's warn out- long-shot.27. Phoebe in a 'wedding dress' with a bunch of roses- mid-shot.28. Naomi doing another Michael Jackson dance- long-shot.29. Phoebe holding sign that says "lets get it on"- mid-shot.30. Sophie writing on white board "you're so classic"- mid-shot.31. Darius playing the drums- long-shot/ shot of drums.32. Danny lip syncing- close-up.33. Danny walks through a door into the 20s- wide-shot- pan with danny walkingthrough the door, then show his face.34. Band on stage in the 20s- wide-shot.35. Shelby acting like a cheer-leader- long-shot.36. Naomi in the ghost busters scene- long-shot.37. Sophie in a row of mannequins- pan across mannequins.38. Danny following Phoebe (like he's 'chasing' her)- long-shot.39. Danny following Shelby (like he's 'chasing' her)- long-shot.40. Danny following Sophie (like he's 'chasing' her)- long-shot.41. Naomi in a toy car, maybe lip syncing?- long-shot? close-up?42. Danny looking through the door, looking for Phoebe, no one is there- long-shot.43. Diner shot in magazine and studio shot in magazine and video of magazine- aerial view, long-shots?44. Sophie doing 70s dancing- long-shot.45. Naomi doing 80s workout- long-shot.46. Shelby- Marilyn Monroe moment- long-shot.47. Split screen 4 'classic' girls looking at each other- close-up- 4 different shots.48. Danny lip syncing- close-up.49. Record player going backwards- aerial shot/ birds eye view.50. Shelby sat in the diner- point of view shot?51. Naomi swinging baseball bat- long-shot.52. Sophie holding a protest sign that says "old school chic"- close-up? Shot list 53. Phoebe getting papped- long-shot?54. Shelby in a row of mannequins- pan across mannequins, close-up?55. Danny with Phoebe on stage, lip-syncing "baby you're so classic"- wide-shot?56. Danny with Shelby doing 50s dancing- long-shot, two shot.57. Danny with Sophie protesting- mid-shot, two shot.58. Naomi blows glitter over the camera- close-up.59. Danny wakes up, lifts his head off the table, then looks down at his phone- close-up of Danny.60. Phone, showing what song he is listening to, which is 'let's get it on' byMarvin Gaye and has glitter over the phone- close-up of phone.61. Danny looking up from his phone looking confused- close-up?62. Shows the back of the classic girls heads- wide-shot.63. Shot from the front of the class- Danny sat behind 'classic' girls looking confused- zooms out from his face?
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