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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 At least five million people follow or practice Shintoism Shintoism began as long ago as 1000B.C.E and it started in Japan, that is where all of the followers live Shintoism has no founder or sacred texts. Shinto has been formative in developing unique Japanese attitudes. They also don't go by any other names The people who practice Shintoism also celerbrate holidays or special ocassions. Such as:- Child Birth-Coming of Age-Weddings-Planting and Harvesting- And lastly New Year Requirments to become apart of this religion:-Learn about the religion-Learn Japanese-Learn how to worship at home the same way they do They worship in shrines. There are about 80,000 shrines in Japan and they are in beutiful natural settings. Also every shrine holds a yearley festival. Even though many people worship in shrines, you can also worship in homes. There is no specific time they worship, but they can worship in public or private. They have a holy place which is,,, The Grand Shrine of IseMany other shinto holy places include natural formations. They are polytheistic, one of the gods they belive in is called Amaterasu. She is the sun goddess One of the symbols that is used in Shintoism is the Yin Yang. The Yin Yang represnts war and peace After someone dies they move on to the afterlife. They belive that your spirits inhabit another world. There is not just one world, but many. The other worlds that they move on to are not bad or happy, they are just like the world we live in now. Teachings or belifes:-Shintoism means the way of Kami, therefore their belifes focus on the exsistence of the power of kami or the gods-They belive that spirtiual powers exsist in the natural world-Also belive that the Kami lives in natural places, such as animals or mountains -They only belive in the Kami, so they are monothestic-Kami refers to anything that is high or special SHINTOISM🎉
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