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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Shinto Founder Shinto has no founder, no official sacred texts, and no formalized system of doctrine Major beliefs Shinto followers are supposed to live in harmony and peaceful coexistencewith both nature and other human beings.This has enabled Shinto to exist in harmony with other religious traditions.. Poly or Mono? Ethnic or Universal? Shinto are Polytheistic and mostly ethnic in Japan. Afterlife! They believe that the spirits of their ancestors are present and are watching them and guide them through hard times Area of worship People worship are called shrines and are usually found in beautiful natural settings.Worship also happens in homes and at work through simple offerings of rice and tea and prayers. The rice and tea is placed on a special shelf called a "god shelf" . Prayers are often addressed to the family ancestors. Place of worship Shriens Holy Text! .No sacred texts has been is used while praying.. Holy Cities. .The Grand Shrine of Ise is the most holy Shinto site in Japan. The main Shintō rites and festivals are for celebrating the New Year, child birth, coming of age, planting and harvest, weddings, and groundbreaking ceremonies for new buildings. Death, funerals, and graveyards involve Buddhist rituals. Major Holidays! Shinto is located on Japan in the rural areas. Followers and Famous people About 600000 followers Symbols The Torii gates.
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