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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Defects" of being a writer. Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, (Aged 24) Conan's Idea Book: Idea 42, one Sherlock Holmes. Born on 22 May 1859. Novelist, short story writer, poet and physician.Died 7 July 1930 (aged 71) Novelist working hard up here! Emotionally not up to par. Medical Career Strengths ( Incredible with literature and a fabulous writer) Qualities of Doyle that are his flaws. Sir Arthur Doyle's flaws include: * Constantly thinks like a writer,everything could potentially be something worthyto write about.* Spends far too much time then he shouldwriting about every idea in his mind. Sir Arthur was a very intelligent man, especially when it came to blending and morphing words,His greatest example of this was his most famout piece of work, Sherlock Holmes. How John Watson presents himself, personal emotion. Some emotions include:* Sometimes doesn't realise when he meets someonethat his questions are constantly drilling the person, unintentionally,to tell their life story. As it may make for a story!* Isn't socially up to par due to the long hours spent by himself. The positive qualities of Sir Arthur. Some of his strengths include: * Knowledge in sensational literature and fabulous poet. * Very intelligent * Had a practise set-up in London as a ophyalmologist. * Doyle studied ophthalmology in Vienna In 1882 he joined former classmate George Turnavine Budd as his partner at a medical practice in Plymouth,however the relationship was difficult and soon he left to starthis own practice. he set up a medical practice at 1 Bush Villas in Elm Grove, Southsea. The practice was initially not very successful. While waiting for patients, Doyle again began writing fiction. Understanding and verbal vocabulary Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle was always on the hunt for new ideas for a novel. As a short story write and poet,Doyle was always on the huntfor ideas worthy of a novel! Other Works Between 1888 and 1906, Doyle wrote seven novels, which he and many critics regarded as his best work.He also authored nine other novels. AND later in his career(1912-1929) five stories, two featuring the scientist Professor Challenger. The Challenger series include what is probably his best-known work after Sherlock Holmes, The Lost World. He was a amazing author of short stories, including two set in Napoleonic times featuring the French Brigadier Gerard.
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