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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SHELL SHOCK and IT'S VICTIMS 1,900,000,000 troops served in WWII 9,087,000 troops served in the Vietnam War 6,800,000 troops served in the Korean War 65,038,810 troops served in WWI EFFECTS OF WWI Some Snipers suffered from loss of vision. This was a very common problem in troops with Shell Shock. Some other problems that werecommon in Shell Shock wereuncontrollable diarrhea, constant tic of the face, and stomach cramps. A lot of these are triggered from things that occured in war. For example, Stomach cramps occured in men who caused pain and injury in that area to other troops. In the Battle of Somme in 1916, the number of Shell Shock cases was substantially higher than before. 4/5 of shell shockvictimes never returned to war. Some men developed shell shockfrom being buried alive and othertypes of physical trauma. Some men developed shell shockwithout ever being on the front line. Sources (Grogan J., 2014) Uncontrollable itching of the nose and had trouble walking normally. (Copping J., 2014) (WWI Casualty and Death Table, US Department of Justice, n.d.) (World War II Statistics, Statistic Brain Research, 2013) (Atkinson R., 1989) (The Vetrans Hour, Armed Forces Press, 2014) (Grogan J., 2014) (Grogan J., 2014) (Grogan J., 2014) (Grogan J., 2014) (Grogan J., 2014) (Grogan J., 2014) (Grogan J., 2014) (Anxiety, Full Spectrum Counseling Services, n.d.) (Nov 14 : Day of the Colombian Woman, The Poques Forums, 2012) in WWI suffered from shell shock 40 percent of men who died (Eye, Adoptables Faires, n.d) Armed Forces Press (November 11, 2014). The Veterans Hour. Retrieved from Atkinson, Rick (November 26,1989). Vietnam War Statistics & Exclusive Photos. Retrieved from Copping, Jasper (January 6, 2014). WWI Dead and Shell Shock Figures Significantly Underestimated. Retrieved from Day of the Colombian Woman (November 14, 2012). Science Museum (ND). Wars Long-Term Effects. Retrieved from Some Interesting Facts (2014). The Battle of Somme. Retrieved from Statistic Brain Research (September 3, 2013). WWII Statistics. Retrieved from U.S. Department of Justice (ND). WWI Casualties and Death Tables. Retrieved from (Battle of Somme WWI, Some Interesting, 2014) (Grogan J., 2014) UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line (ND). Stress Injury to Health Trauma to PTSD. Retrieved from (Grogan J., 2014)
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