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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1950s 1970s 1990s 2010s 1940s British Wool Marketing Board established 1950 Chuck Berry Sputnik 1957 Hey Jude The Beatles Hotel California Animal Health Act 1981 California Gurls Environmental targets set for 2020 Outkast Social Media The Eagles Historical Timeline 1940s - 2014 2000s 1980s UK joins EU 1973 National Scrapie Plan FMDoutbreak 2007 Famine 1985 Berlin Wall falls 1989 MAFFrenamed 1955 Decoupling 2003- Guaranteed prices1947-1973 Price Intervention 1973-1992 Direct Payment1992-2003 2001 Election Decline insheep populationfrom early 2000s 1993Single Market Devolution 1998 Thatcher's speech on climate change 1989 Live Aid 1985 CAP1962 CAP Reform Drug resistance appears Meat rations end 1954 Sheep population starts to rise(tied with cattle) World population 6 billion Wool guarantee ends 1993 Sheep population peaking between 1990-2000 Food health debate Bad winter GATT 1947 MacSharry reforms 1992 FMDoutbreak 1967 World population 3 billion Height of BSE Crisis1990-1994 World population 4 billion Chernobyl 1986 FMDoutbreak 2001 2007Recession ScotEID World population 5 billion Agricultural Act 1947 1960s World population 7 billion Big Data
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