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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Zaxbys: Coporation A corporation is bigger than other business competitions because most of the big businesses like Zaxbys and other fast food restaurants are part of a corporation. A corporation, protects your personal assets from business liability. Partnership doesn't offer that protection. McDonalds did have partnership with Disney, but as a result of that, children gained obesity. So partnerships don't always work out so well.Some bussinesses can get in disagreements with their partnership business and that can affect buisness profits. Earnings from a sole proprietorship are subject to self-employment taxes,With a corporation, only salaries (and not profits) are subject to such taxes. This can save you thousands of dollars per year. Zaxbys is a successful fast food restaurant, andirons think its competition would be chick-fil-a, just because it's another popular chicken place to eat.and they are both corporations. Most fast food restaurants are corporations, rather then the other type of businesses.,and they do well as corporations. A sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business organization, and the competition for corporations. But with sole proprietorship, you only have one person In charge, while corporations have groups. I just feel like that would be a lot of work to put on someone, if it was just them running things. Yes but they don't think so Corporations are groups of people making decisions which doesn't bold well for an individual eader to come forth with a vision on how to run the company because everyone has to be on the same page.
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